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With our excellent solutions for SMS, you will have a full management of your client's account.


  • Do you dream or desire to become a provider of SMS service?
  • Are you looking for your successful, high quality, ongoing technical support and extensive coverage?
  • Do you want to provide your customers with SMS service through a private control panel?

Now ... Become a local & global Reseller and benefit from HTD's relationships with local and international mobile carriers.

You can achieve your dream with a simple step; just request to activate the "management of sub-accounts" feature which enables you to manage your account and accounts of your customers through your distinct Control Panel!

Create your business with local and global partnerships and make money.


  • White labeled SMS platform; control panel named by your business logo.
  • Use your own domain name, ex:
  • A special design for your company (on demand).
  • Interactive platform to manage your customer accounts, add credits, activate sender names.
  • Reserve short codes for clients to be used in competitions, referendums, and programs.
  • Offer a System Technical Support (tickets) for answering your clients’ questions at any time.
  • Identify your own API software interface (SMPP / HTTP).

No Risk! .. Own your SMS company Now

We’re here to help you grow your mobile business.